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Kris Aspen

You did work for us in 2015, and we were very pleased with the work. When we experienced "pulsating" in our lights when our washer was working, and surging in lights and fan we decided to give you a call. Scott said it would be a problem with a neutral wire and that maybe Westar could fix it. He called it in, and within 20 minutes a Westar rep was at our house. Turns out a squirrel chewed through the neutral wire going from the pole into our house. The problem was resolved in 30 minutes. No cost to us. Because of your service and advice, Parthemer Electric will be our go-to electrician. Thank you.

Friendly Service

Chris McDonald

Parthemer Electric of Frankfort, Ks is professional and friendly, Scott will go over your electrical project and make suggestions to completely it in a timely manor at the most affordable price. Scotts suggestions have always saved us money and has prepared us better for our next project, They have completed 2 electrical projects for us and we are very satisfied and will use them on our next project.